Has anyone sent a message into deep space concerning our need as humans for help

Vegas Lydia sent this message to Deep Space Communications network, www.deepspacecom.net

I want to share it with our visitors and see if anyone wanted to respond. Thanks, Jim

Has anyone ever sent a message into deep space (directed at M13) concerning our need as humans for help of any kind?

Has anyone tried to send a message regarding our desire for open communication?

Have we sent for info on sustaining our natural environment?

Their views on politics? Technology? Religion?

How long they have known of our existence?

Why doesn’t SETI try harder? http://www.seti.org

I believe that we as humans should be more involved with trying to communicate with them. If a grey showed up at my doorstep, I’d be talking about a whole array of issues and asking for help. Obviously they know more than we do, and it seems to me that they have no intentions of hurting us, they are curious, but I think they’d be more than willing to help or at least provide us with useful information.
Why wouldn’t they want a friendly neighbor?

I appreciate your time, thanks for reading, Vegas Lydia

Any responses I receive I will forward to Vegas. Thanks again, Jim